* * * * * * * *
Hi Mr Grybas,

I have used you as an interpreter for several years, the main reason being you are very reliable, if I need a Lithuanian interpreter short notice I will always ask you as you will always try and do the job for me.

I have only ever had good reports from court and the feedback I have had has always been positive, you are professional and have never let us down.

I hope to continue the good working relationship we have, and would always recommend you if asked.

Many thanks,

Sarah Whiles
Witness Care Unit Team Leader
Clough Road Police Station

* * * * * * * *
Dear Vytautas,

I instructed you as a Lithuanian interpreter in a case in the family court. I was very happy with the level of service and was confident that everything spoken was being translated.

You assistance greatly helped in the resolution of the case.

Kind Regards,

Chris Evans, Solicitor

My specialist areas are the following:

Legal texts - court documents (witness and defence statements, court orders, etc.), insurance claims.

Social work - Social services' documents, educational materials.

Business texts - contracts, job descriptions, Health & Safety leaflets, etc.

Additionally, in the past I have successfully translated texts in the fields of medicine, religion, geography and physics.